Engineering work

Engineering work

We would like to underline our great experience in the design and construction of structural works, both ordinary (reinforced concrete buildings, wood, steel and/or masonry)-taking into account organic buildings and high buildings. Energy efficiency – that of a prefabricated type.

Similarly, on a structural theme, we have been working for years in the field of renovation, going to work on existing structures with conventional techniques or using the latest generation of composite materials ( Carbon fibers, etc.).

We are also able to design and perform special works for the containment of the excavation front (Berlin, Poles, droughts, etc.), also with naturalistic techniques (army land, etc.) or special consolidation work of foundations such as Poles, Jet grouting. Etc

Another area of engineering developed with satisfaction over the years is the energy redevelopment of buildings. For years, we have been working on the study and thermal redevelopment of buildings, combining the best insulating components of opaque elements (for example, STO Spa), with the best insulating elements in transparent elements (Windows with high Thermal performance of false marks) study and implementation of the best components of the installation designed specifically to ensure the best degree of comfort in any environment.

In the same way, we are able to study and realize systems of soundproofing of buildings, with personal choices and customizable according to the needs of each customer.

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